Ed Malloy thanks supporters

I am proud of the campaign our great team organized and the ideas we presented to the voters of a revived and vibrant rural Iowa. I understand that elections are about choices and I accept the choice the voters of District 41 made last night and congratulate Mary Stewart on her victory.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to represent Fairfield and will continue to work for the betterment of our great community. I am deeply grateful to my family, all of the volunteers, supporters and the incredibly dedicated members of the Malloy for Iowa campaign team.

~ Ed Malloy

Democratic primary is TODAY!

Ed Malloy for Iowa campaign headquarters is at Everybody’s Whole Foods Store today! Stop by to say “Hi” or ask questions on your way to VOTE!

For the election today, vote at your regular polling place. If you’re not sure where to vote, use this helpful tool. Just type in your address and it will tell you where to go to vote. The polls are open until 9pm tonight.

Let’s show our support for Ed Malloy for Iowa Senate and get our friends out to vote today too.
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Ed Malloy for Iowa State Senate

With your vote, Ed will bring his experience, vision, and leadership to the Iowa Senate.

Climate Action Southeast Iowa strongly endorses Ed Malloy

After very careful consideration, Climate Action Southeast Iowa strongly endorses Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy in his bid for the Iowa Senate.

Ed has an array of outstanding qualities that will make him an excellent senator. He has a proven track record of bold and effective leadership, the ability to work with diverse elements of the community, and success at getting important things done.

But what has earned the endorsement of Climate Action Southeast Iowa, in particular, is Ed’s strong stance on Climate Change. While many issues are worthy of our concern and are important in candidate evaluation, we believe that qualified candidates must have demonstrated not only strength as leaders, but also a clear commitment to battle climate change on all fronts.

Ed meets both of these critical criteria. Not only are his leadership skills widely recognized, but he recognizes both the urgency and enormity of the climate crisis. He has demonstrated, in action, his commitment to clean, renewable energy. And, most importantly, he specifically agrees that given the dangers climate poses for life on our planet, it will take more than individual, community, and corporate efforts to effectively address it in time. Substantial government engagement is critical to dramatically incentivize clean renewable energy, to discourage our reliance on fossil fuels, and to guide the economy fairly and justly through this necessary transition.

Support for clean, renewable energy has been eroding in Iowa government. We need Ed Malloy now in the Iowa legislature to bring the voice of climate sanity to our state government. And while we recognize Ed as clearly the best candidate to fight for climate justice, there is no doubt that he will be a strong advocate for the wide range of justice issues the Democratic Party has long championed.

Early voting is underway and election day is June 5th. Please take the time to vote. This election is by no means a sure thing without a strong turnout of supporters.

Thom Krystofiak
Mary Tarnoff
Jonas Magram
Climate Action Southeast Iowa

LeapForward, the National Gun Safety Project, Endorses Ed Malloy

LeapForward, the national gun safety project, has endorsed Ed Malloy for Iowa State Senate.

“This is a debate about the ease of obtaining guns, the power and appropriateness of combat-grade gun technology, and the common-sense regulation of guns.

It’s time for the adult voices of reason to speak loudly to their lawmakers as they have in Florida and change the laws that favor public safety. Arming teachers should not be a part of this discussion as it only serves as another point of distraction from the real issue.

It is right to stand today with the voices of our students who are in the line of fire including the brave voices of our Fairfield High School students who walked out this month. We send our love to the parents and families of those that were lost in the Parkland School District and commit our voices and civil demonstration to bring about the changes that will prevent another tragedy in our schools.” — Ed Malloy

Esteemed former Iowa 3rd District U.S. Congressman Leonard Boswell endorses Ed Malloy

Malloy would be great for Iowa

To the editor:

I know and respect Ed Malloy very, very much. I can’t vote for him because I’m not in the district, but we are on the same page in terms of message and priorities.

As a former president of the Iowa State Senate, I know Ed will make a great Senator and a great contribution to our State Legislature.

It is without reservation that I whole heartedly support and endorse Ed Malloy, a good man, running for the right reasons.

– Leonard Boswell, former U.S. Congressman, Iowa District 3

Originally published in the Fairfield Ledger, May 31, 2018